1.-5. Juni, OMEGA Institute USA

Nearly 200 teachers attended, with many traditions represented. The majority of those attending were American, but there were 33 teachers from 9 European countries and also some from Canada, Colombia, and New Zealand.

Our formal programme addressed topics such as inquiry in meditation, diversity issues, climate change, and secular mindfulness. These took the form of both large group presentations and plenaries as well as exercises and small group work. In addition, on two afternoons we were spoiled for choice by there being more than a dozen parallel workshops offered by participants on a wide range of topics. On the first of these afternoons I attended a session on 'Insight Dialogue', a communication exercise arising from the Vipassana tradition which overlaps in intention and experience with the communication exercise used on our Western Zen Retreats. On the second occasion I attended a session on mindfulness-based approach to chronic pain.