Renting Haus Tao

Haus Tao can be rented by other groups.


  • The groups must correspond with the quiet and meditative style of the house.
  • Every group organizes itself autonomously. Haus Tao is not a training centre in the common sense, but the Temple of the Sati-Zen-Sangha. So we do not offer catering and do not provide meals. Anyhow, the kitchen and the whole house are established for the needs of groups and at their disposal.

The house gives comfortable accommodation for 18 persons, up to 20 if necessary. If you don’t stay overnight, there is room for up to 30 persons (day rate, see below) .

Rooms: There are...

5 single rooms (including one in a garden house)
5 double rooms
1 triple room
The meditation hall covers 80 square metres and is situated in the attic.

Rent for staying overnight is sfr. 40.00 (€ 35.00) per person and day, with a minimum of sfr. 280 (€270) per day. Week-end courses from Friday evening to Sunday noon are considered as 2 days.

On week-ends you cannot book Haus Tao for one day only. During the week the rate is sfr. 230 for 1 day (without staying overnight or using beds), the use of the kitchen and the cleaning are included.

We will be pleased to welcome you in Haus Tao and hope your group will enjoy the atmosphere there. Please note that in our schedule external groups are not registered, so please ask for a complete schedule.