Teachers of the Sati-Zen-Sangha


Marcel Geisser Roshi
Marcel Marcel Geisser Roshi (Hsin Tao An 心 道 安) is an authorized Zen master in the Buddhist Linji / Rinzai-Zen tradition. He began practising and studying Buddhism in 1968. Initially studying in Europe, his practise led him to Asia in 1972, and then in the USA. He combines Zen and Vipassana schools of practice and has been teaching since 1983. In 1986, he founded the Meditation Center Haus Tao in the East of Switzerland. Then, in 1994, he received the “lamp transmission” from Dhyana Master Nhât Hanh. In 1999, he founded the Sati-Zen-Sangha, the Zen-Sangha-of-Mindfulness. Besides leading retreats, he offers a three-year Buddhist online study program, together with his fellow teachers. He is also active in interreligious dialogues and international Buddhist networking.
Marcel is a vice president oft the World Buddhist Summit of Japan.

Dipabodhi Dagmar Jauernig

Dipabodhi is an ordained Zen-priest and an authorized Zen teacher (Dharmacharya) in the Linji/Rinzai Zen Buddhist lineage. Her practice started in 1991 (Zen, Vipassana). She was ordained as a Zen-Priest and authorised as a teacher of the Dharma by Zen-Master Marcel Geisser (Hsin Tao An). She provides retreats in Haus Tao and supports different meditation groups of the Sati-Zen-Sangha in Switzerland. Her special interest is the combination of Zen-Meditation and Hatha-Yoga as an “upaya” and a practical link of awareness of body and mind in action and in silence.

Dipabodhi is a certificated Yoga teacher of BDY/EYU and YCH and leads days of mindfuness and Yoga in Zurich, see ZenStille

Shantivirya Klaus Kraler

Shantivirya is an ordained Zen-priest and an authorized Zen teacher in the Buddhist Linji/Rinzai Zen lineage. He became interested in Zen in 1979 and started his Zen training in 1983 with Genro Koudela Osho, later with Joan Rieck, Dorin Genpo Osho, Hozumi Gensho Roshi and Hsin Tao An Marcel Geisser. From Marcel Geisser Roshi he received the ordination and the authorization to teach as a Dharmacharya of the Sati-Zen-Sangha. He is the co-head of the Sati-Zen-temple An Tao in Bavaria and teaches in Germany and Austria as well. He mostly teaches at the Meditation Center Haus Tao in Switzerland.

The branch temple An Tao of Klaus and Ulrike Kraler Haus Tao-Meditationsgruppe Mönchsdeggingen.

Shraddhashanti Ulrike Kraler

Shraddhashanti has been ordained as a Zen-priest and authorized as Zen teacher in the Linji/Rinzai Zen Buddhist lineage by Marcel Geisser Roshi (Hsin Tao An) in 2011. She started her zen training in 1986 after some experiences with other paths of meditation. Her first teacher was Joan Rieck, Joun An Roshi, which gave her a convincing example that women are as equally qualified to teach the buddhadharma and to gain enlightenment. Following teachers: Dorin Genpo Osho, Hozumi Roshi, Hsin Tao An (Marcel Geisser). She leads retreats since 2009 mostly in the Meditation Center Haus Tao in Switzerland, and is co-head of An Tao Temple in Bavaria.

The branch temple An Tao of Ulrike Kraler and Klaus Kraler Haus Tao-Meditationsgruppe Mönchsdeggingen.


* Translations like "Zen monk/Zen nun" or "Zen priest/Zen priestess" are admissible but require explanation just like the notion unsui itself: The Japanese word 'unsui' 雲水 means 'cloud and water' and is an abbreviation of kounryusui 行雲流水: 'drifting clouds, flowing water', i.e. calm and nowhere resting like the clouds and the water.